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bridge opened. taking advantage of target ge security finally fixed. repairs in place more than three months after the bay bridge opens. target shoppers, the huge security breach that could affect millions of people. a blessing or a curse. someone gets ready to cash in on the lottery jackpot. past winners tell us how it's changed their lives. >> we have breaking news out of los angeles county tonight. flames shooting out of this strip mall in hawthorne. you can see those are live pictures right now. reports of roofs collapsing. the fire can be seen blocks away. it broke out just before 9:00. no information right now on injuries or how it got started. you can see fire apparatus all around now as the smoke is beginning to drop down just a little bit but this fire has been keeping the fire crews busy for well over an hour now.
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again, this is in hawthorne in los angeles county. and we'll keep you updated on the situation. the fix is in. caltrans says it's repaired dozens of busted bolts on the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> reporter: caltrans says drivers need not be nervous going over the eastern span of the bay bridge. though say it's permanently earthquake proof. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has what caltrans is calling a permanent fix. >> it is a unique complex problem that commanded a unique solution. >> reporter: 32 of 96 galvanized steel rods brittle to the point
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of cracking. by 11 a.m. today, all of those shims gone. replaced by the beefier saddle. >> what the saddle fix does is hold down the base of the seismic devices and a combination of steel tendons provides the clamping force that those bolts were supposed to provide. >> reporter: these are the saddles. they bring the bridge up to code. the price tag, san jose mega millions winner could afford it. $25 million. more than double the initial $10 million estimate. >> this was not something you can go to home depot and ask them where they keep their steel saddles. >> reporter: those steel saddles need to be covered by protective paint to protect them from the sea air. and there is the question of some of these 700 other bolts and rods on this bridge. they will be under a maintenance and monitoring program to see if in fact they suffered any of the same damage as those previously damaged bolts and rods.
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. and you heard her talking about the mega millions winner. there he is a lot of excitement tonight around the san jose store that sold the the ticket. who is the winner is is still a mystery but the store owner is living large. >> reporter: the owner of the gift shop has been riding high on a wave of euphoria since he found out he sold the winning ticket. he bought the store four months ago and he said today he had a feeling something good was about to happen. take a listen. >> i feel my life is good. how god give it for me. i go to church every week, and i believe that i'm doing good, then good come. so i'm happy with my life. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: he will get a million dollar prize for selling
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the lucky ticket. his store sells various merchandise including traditional vietnamese clothing, dvds and things like that. today he has been selling a ton of lottery tickets and dealing with publicity. most winners end up blowing a lot of their money but in the case of one bay area couple, they hit the jackpot years ago and they did something right. take a look. before they upgraded their home and bought a few nice things, they learned to manage their money, as much as their behavior. >> we surrounded ourselves with our family. i think that was the most helpful piece of it. >> reporter: this retired south bay couple who hit the largest single state lottery prize in 2011 collected $41 million after taxes. their advice to the mystery winning? first, protect your privacy. >> it's frightening because we went so public. so people knew what we looked like, so they were looking for
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us. they come and knock on the door asking for money. the parish priest and strangers. >> reporter: they didn't claim their winnings until a week later. they told their three adults children, spoke with financial experts and even hired a public relations firm. >> 10% of people who get a large winfall lose it after two to three years. >> reporter: they start add foundation which today has donated nearly $4 million to local organizations. >> so it was just a real natural reaction to knowing that it was more than we could ever spend. >> reporter: well today the couple says they still have the same circle of friends. they are still rich, and they still buy lottery tickets, believe it or not, about twice a month because they know more than anything that dreams really do come true. that was the owner of the . the second mega millions
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winning ticket was sold in atlanta. >> aim so happy! >> she's happy. that was the owner of the news stand that sold the winning ticket to ira curry. who claimed her prize this morning. she chose the cash option which comes out to about $120 million. but the store owner isn't so lucky. retailers in georgia don't get any money for selling a winning lottery ticket. jerry brown's name is being floated around for a presentation run in 2016. his supporters say rightfully so. >> he's done miracles for california in a short period of time and i don't think anyone in california particularly cares to lose him. >> the governor is no stranger at making a run for the white house. he tried back in 1976 and again in 1980 when he challenged jimmy carter. ran again in 1992 taking bill clinton to the wire for democratic nomination. the ribbon was cut today and the mayor admitted the city is
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struggling to keep up with the demand for affordable housing. there are 2600 applications for the 60 apartments and rents have been soaring. >> we have to look at ways to make our processes more efficient, to lower the cost of land so that developers can be brought in. >> the housing problem won't be going away any time soon. san fransisco is projected to need 100,000 new housing units in the next 25 years. the federal reserve made a big announcement. it will put back on its stimulus program in the near year. it will reduce thinks bond buying program by $10 billion a month. it points to a slowly improving economy. today's policy actions reflect the assessment that the economy is continuing to make progress, that it also has much farther to travel before
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conditions can be judged normal. >> the fed decided not to touch interest rates. its key short term rate will stay near zero until unemployment drops below 6.5%. holiday sales up this year but not up to expectations. shoppers could be holding out for hast-minute bargains. -- last-minute bargains. it's one week before he delivers your presents. but actually santa's lap at hillsdale shopping center in san mateo. >> i want a trumpet and ipad. >> reporter: is not that crowded. >> we were kind of shocked. we thought that maybe it would be packed and crazy shopping but it was, like, maybe 20% full in the parking lot. >> reporter: especially considering the fact there are 14% more discounts this year. look at this, 40% off, 50, 60, even 70% off. >> retailers are in a tough
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position because consumers have come to love and now fully expect and feel entitled to major discounts. 60% off is the new 20% off. >> reporter: kit yarrow specializes in the psychology of marketing, retailers were forced to do deep discount because they had to clear their shelves. >> and that became an expectation with consumers. that happened several years in a row and consumers thought to themselves, big discounts. >> there's not that extra money out there any more and we'll wait it out to get the best deal. >> reporter: seven days to go before christmas, shoppers may be waiting it out to see if discounts go teen deeper. even deeper. it may be your last chance to shop on line to get free shipping and still get the pack
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and in time for christmas. investigators are looking into a security breach that could affect millions of target shoppers all over the country. the breach started on black friday and may still be going. thieves appear to have gone after personal information contained on the magnetic strips of customers' debit and credit cards. the information could be turned around and used to make counterfeit credit cards thieves could use the cards to withdraw money from an atm. she has a fighting spirit for herself and for her city. how this little wonder girl is inspiring others to combat crime. a happy ending for this 4 legged hero and the owner he saved from an on coming train. it's not an iphone or ipad, why the latest gadget isn't for the masses. streak is over, we'll have good air quality tomorrow. from the north bay to the santa
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support at oakland childre' hosp . the friends and family held a vigil tonight for a teenager
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on life support at oakland children's hospital. jahi mcmath is still breathing but with the help of a ventilator. the 13-year-old's family is holding out hope and fighting to keep her on life support. last week doctors declared the girl brain dead. medical ethics expert says despite what the family feels, their comes a point when it is time to move on. >> we don't treat the dead, even when a mom says please, give me a chance, i want my daughter to somehow come back. death is that end point for treatment. >> the hospital fired back at consumer watch dog tonight about allegations made about jahi's condition calling them unfounded. hospital adds it cannot release information about what happened without the family's consent. terrifying moments for the owner of a shef ron station in vallejo. look at the surveillance video. you can see the robber walk up and grab the owner, behind the counter. the guy showed a gun, demanded
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money, handcuffed him and made him lay on the floor. the robber took off with the money from the register. the store owner wasn't injured. a robber used the drive-thru window to get into an mcdonald's at 3 a.m. yesterday. once inside he forced the employees to take off all their clothes and then get into the freezer. he then emptied the cash registers. the freezer wasn't locked so the employees got out an hour later. no arrests have been made in either robbery. with crimes like these, vallejo could use a super hero. that help is on the way. >> reporter: the images of an armed robbery this morning in vallejo are frightening to see. and unfortunately, crimes like this are nothing new for vallejo. but stepping up to help is a young girl, in a familiar outfit. >> she said wonder woman is the perfect super hero, you know, to compare me with because, you know, we're both fighting for a
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cause. >> reporter: monica has been battling cancer and taking a page from the batkid story, the city of vallejo will honor her tomorrow with a surprise tour of the city. she wrote an essay about battling crime. she will wear a wonder woman t-shirt at city hall and various schools in the district. >> somebody who has these struggles that she's going through currently, what a messenger. >> reporter: maria is part of an action group that set up the fun event where everyone is encouraged to dress up as their favorite super hero. but monica uses wonder woman as a symbol. >> girl power. >> reporter: monica wants to be a teacher and will be delivering an important message to the
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city. >> there's a fear about her illness but she continues to live and fight it and i think that's a message from vallejoans, no matter what happens, to live hopeful. >> reporter: when wonder girl speaks to vallejo, a child will be helping a city to maintain its hope. . >> monica's cancer is in remission but she's still going through chemotherapy. a labrador retriever saved its blind owner from an oncoming subway train. >> reporter: 61 cecil williams gets around with the help of his labrador retriever. >> he's always looking out for me. >> reporter: on tuesday orlando went above and beyond the call
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of duty when williams lost consciousness on the platform of a subway station. williams fell in front of an oncoming train and the dog went with him. the engineer stopped the train but several cars passed over them. amazingly williams suffered only minor injuries. >> the first time you were reunited with the dog, what was that like for you? >> you know, when he came back to me, i was, i was glad to see him, and i'm glad that he wasn't even hurt. >> reporter: orlando turns 11 next month and will retire as a seeing eye dog. williams is getting a new service dog and couldn't afford to keep orlando as a pet until now. >> as of this morning all of those expenses have been covered through anonymous donations. >> reporter: that means orlando can enjoy his senior years with his best friend. >> he's looking forward to, you know, enjoying life now. >> reporter: and so is cecil williams.
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. >> seeing eye dogs are trained to deal with subway platforms and curbs. they're taught to walk in front of their owners to keep them from tripping and falling. the latest high tech apple toy comes out tonight. the mac pro doesn't look like a computer. the new model is three times faster than the previous one. it starts at around $3,000. we're so used to calling it the model i.s. or the c or the a or the b i thought it was another -- >> don't confuse the apples. >> keep it basic for us. >> it looks like a spaceship. >> did you get my text today. >> about the rain. it's raining in dublin. and this is a surprise around here. i needed to know immediately. thank you, ken. >> you're welcome.
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>> weather watcher ken bastida letting me know. you got sprinkles out there earlier today and the chance of a few showers tonight. a live look outside of sfo showing cloudy skies. temperatures were kept down, but not much rainfall. a sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, a few showers. right now the radar is clear. there is a slight chance of a shower overnight tonight. everybody is windy tomorrow, 20, 25 miles an hour gusts. gusts to 60 miles an hour in the north bay hills and east bay hills. sunnyvale breezy, cooler, 57 degrees, friday we go back up to the low 60s with mainly sunny skies. we had a low pressure area to our south yesterday that scooted by and it was a near miss. we had showers down towards fresno. now a low pressure area to our north which will also be a near miss. it will drag a front through. behind that front is why we'll
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be so windy but much better air quality. after tomorrow, though, high pressure builds back in. exactly where we have been the past several months, exactly where we'll be all the way through christmas. mainly dry after a couple of showers overnight tonight. windy tomorrow, chilly tomorrow, highs to mid to upper 50s. livermore 54, a blustery 57 for san jose, palo alto 58, mid-50s for you in pittsburgh and danville, in the city tomorrow san fransisco, 56. novato 56. cloverdale 57 degrees. christmas eve and christmas day, very nice weather to get outside. this is holiday time, let's enjoy the nice outdoor weather. >> what do you think people in minnesota are doing right now? dmr. >> they're looking forward to that forecast in mid-may. >> we'll take it. an early christmas gift on
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wheels for some hard working bay area families. who is making it possible for them to get around. >> and we're counting down to the 49ers last regular seaston game at candlestick park. you can watch it monday night, right here, followed by the fifth quarter, and then bye bye baby. our special look back alt the stick. -- at the stick. get 3 years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest-free for 3 event ends sunday! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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each of them--with a need. . christmas came early this year for four bay area families. >> each of them with a special need. mike's auto body in antioch gave each a rebuilt car.
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one woman declared bankruptcy. another has a child with special needs. they started this tradition 13 years ago and has kept it going through good times and bad. we have a fullback to replace the injured bruce miller. who he is and, could stanford pull off an upset in connecticut against the tenth ranked huskies, next. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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win in the johnny dawkins e, knocking off the undefeatedh ranked huskies in their building... . tonight in connecticut stanford perhaps got the biggest win in the johnny jockets era, knocking off the huskies in their own building.
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a lot like christmas. randall pest player on the court. down one, nailed the floater. in the final minute, drives the lane, hits the hayup. randall had 22 points. one last chance for uconn. napier's long three ball is, give it to me ken! >> one. >> no good. stamford a winner and a huge win at that. usf visiting st. john's. can't dribble past half court. lobs it up, they fall 6-5. anthony dixon expected to take bruce miller's spot in the starting fullback position. he's getting his chance to block for his buddy frank gore. he can't seem to get away from dixon. >> i know what's's looking for and i'm just looking to be there. >> dixon is one of those utility mare. a fullback, special teams, he
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can run the football, he can catch the football. makes him more valuable. >> see you at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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